Sharing The Knowledge-Skype Call

After a few very successful coaching clinics, we are beginning a new project called “Sharing The Knowledge – Skype Call”. As per our vision and goal, very successful and well known Water Polo coaches will start sharing their knowledge and experience with WWPCA members via an exclusive 2 hour long Skype call.
You will be able to ask any Water Polo questions you may have, to discuss and clarify any doubts about your coaching performance, and to hear WWPCA expert opinions and experiences in areas that you want to know more about.

Premier “Share The Knowledge – Skype Call” will highlight Dejan Udovicic – USA Men’s Senior National team Head Coach.

Register for the Skype call as per the instructions on the banner, and get your questions ready…..
This opportunity is limited to the first 20 WWPCA members. Stay tuned as these calls will become a “must attend” in the future.