New FINA Rules Feedback

We are looking for your feedback…FINA testing rules for the FINA Youth World Championship and the FINA World Cup 2018 (man and women) are now official and details/explanation are included. Official documents are attached at the bottom of this page for your information. Please send your feedback, comments or questions to until July 31st, 2018. We will collect all the questions and information sent to us and collectivly submit to the FINA testing rules working group.

We understand and are aware that all of us, coaches, have different opinion how this rules will effect the game, new suggestions and ideas, but now it is the time to send your feedback or questions ONLY about the suggested testing rules and if anything needs to be further clarified or corrected from your perspective, situations that you see and are not addressed in the documents below.

This is your time for feedback, make it worthwhile

WWPCA Board of Directors

Test Rules for Youth World Championships - July 10-2018
Test Rules for World Cups - July10-2018
Comprehensive -summary July 10-2018